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About Us

GC Physie and Dance is a club that welcomes girls and women of all ages and abilities. Each week, various dance genres are taught through the APDA syllabus, which combines pilates, contemporary, lyrical and modern dances choreographed to modern music.

Since its establishment in 2012, GC Physie and Dance has achieved great success. During the club's 11 years of operation, we have recieved 49 national places, seven national champion titles and an overall champion team title.

Physie and Dance can improve your physical fitness, flexibility and coordination. There are many other benefits, including establishing correct posture, enhancing self-confidence, and building social skills.

Under the direction of some of Queensland's finest creative physie instructors and dance choreographers, GC Physie and Dance bridges the gap between the traditional school of physie and the world of contemporary Dance. GC Physie and Dance aim to provide an innovative dance sport that reflects the discipline of physie and the creativity of Dance.

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What is APDA Physie?

APDA is a fusion of Physie and the art of dance. Physie is a dance sport for girls and women of all ages and abilities. Members learn 4-6 choreographed routines throughout the year, each with its own specific skill set and focus on movement, musicality, technique, performance, flexibility, cardio and strength – all in one class! 

APDA Physie includes elements of:​






Modern Dance

What is APDA Physie

Our Classes

5 - 12 YEARS



Our Classes

Throughout the year, junior dancers learn six routines with the opportunity to participate in individual and/or team competition.

The routines focus on a mix of dance genres that aim to improve strength, musicality, posture, flexibility and technique. Physie is about encouraging young children to have fun with friends in a safe and supportive environment.

Throughout the year, senior dancers learn four to five mixed-genre routines that combine fitness, flexibility, musicality and technique. All dancers from novice to elite levels have the opportunity and are encouraged to participate in individual or team competitions. The senior classes foster fun and friendships that empower dancers to confidently perform on stage.

Our Ladies will learn 5 different routines of mixed genres surrounded by likeminded and supportive women. It’s a great way to improve your fitness, socialise and challenge yourself.

Our Ladies also have the option to perform at competitions throughout the year. All you need to do is give it a go! No experience needed!

Our Locations


Robina State High School, 1 Investigator Dr, Robina QLD 4226


Varsity College Primary Campus, Cnr Christine Ave & Bridgewater Drive, Varsity, Christine Ave, QLD 4227

Our Locations

Member Testimonials


From an early age we could tell my daughter had a lot of energy and sass! I needed to find the right environment for her to express her love of dancing and performing. I enrolled her at GC Physie & Dance at 2 years old and 4 years later we haven’t looked back. She loves her teachers, friends, learning the different genres of choreography and performing. With classes being held on a Saturday afternoon it is easy to get her to practice.

After seeing how much she enjoyed it, I decided to try the ladies classes. I look forward to classes every week, I have improved flexibility and energy. It’s special that I can share physie with my daughter. We are a community that support one another, we are more than dancers, we are a family.

GC Physie has given me opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise experienced as well as some of my best friends. GC Physie is a small but dedicated club that has had such a big impact on my life. Physie is the one thing I can say that I love to do when someone asks what my hobbies/interests are. GC Physie has also improved so many aspects of my fitness and health.


My daughter has been dancing with GC Physie for two years. APDA is such a great association to be a part of. She looks forward to performing on stage and having fun with her friends. GC Physie is well priced and has a warm and welcoming environment. The seniors and teachers are wonderful role models for the junior girls. Since joining the club we have made lifelong friendships and look forward to making many more. We love being part of GC Physie.



Which class is suitable for you or your daughter? Your age on the 31st August will determine your class. For example if you are 8 yrs old on the 31st August you will attend the 7-8 years class but if you turn 9 on the 31st August you will attend the 9-12 yrs class.

Classes for Term 1, 2023 START Wednesday Feb 1st

2023 CLASS

30 Min Class  $8.00

45 Min Class  $9.00

1 Hour Class  $10.00


Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their child, which can be used towards sport and active recreation membership, registration or participation fees.



The cost for your yearly registration for 2021 which is paid to APDA Limited via GC Physie and Dance is as follows:

Juniors  (5 to 12 years) - $85 (Includes insurance, APRA, DVD of syllabus and music).

Seniors (13 yrs and over) - $85 (Includes insurance, APRA, DVD of Syllabus and music).

GC Physie & Dance annual membership fee is $30

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